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Exalto Emirates successfully participates in DIBS 2022

The company showcased its distinctive capabilities and comprehensive range of marine products from globally renowned brands at the boat show

Home to some of the world’s most reputed marine equipment brands, Exalto Emirates showcased its new product offerings at the 2022 edition of the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS). The event kickstarted on the 9th of March, 2022, at the Dubai Harbour, and will go on until the 13th of March 2022.

Through its participation, Exalto Emirates will continue utilising the event as a distinctive platform to exhibit some of its latest products, sophisticated technologies, and equipment suitable for commercial and leisure boats. The boat show will continue playing a significant role in helping Exalto Emirates strike valuable deals, discuss cooperations, and find partnerships to help enhance business prospects and promote the growth of the sector.

Top-notch offerings

Exalto Emirates’ diverse product range that provides high efficiency has played an integral role in cementing the company’s position as a leading supplier of electrical and mechanical marine parts and equipment in the UAE, and several other countries in the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent. To date, the brand’s ever-increasing portfolio includes over 15,000 products that integrate pioneering technologies. Thus, illustrating Exalto Emirates’s continuous endeavour to evolve and adapt to the changing market.

At the event, Exalto Emirates showcased a wide range of products from new brands such as Parsun, Spradling, and Relion; and had on display, marine equipment manufactured by leading brands such as Smart Gyro, Dtorque, Torqeedo, and Oxe. Moreover, the company launched the 10th edition of its digital and physical products catalogue, which featured over 15,000 products and more than 110 brands across 16 different categories.

John Paul, General Manager of Exalto Emirates emphasised, “With Expo 2020 and other events taking place, the country’s economic growth is picking up pace again. The boating industry has also witnessed an enormous surge during the pandemic. As travel was limited and people looked for other ways to spend their leisure time, they invested in purchasing boats and upgrading existing ones. We expect better results in the years to come as the government is heavily investing in marine infrastructure, and the boating and yachting industry is being seen as a key element in the development of the region. The recently established Leisure Marine Association looks after the interests of the regional marine industry, coordinates with authorities, and promotes boating while encouraging safe practices and creating environmental awareness. Exalto Emirates is one of the founding members of the Association and will play a significant role in driving the progress of the sector in the years to come.”

Embracing technology and innovation

Additionally, supporting the UAE government’s efforts to promote the country as a global hub for the fourth industrial revolution, and contributing to the national agendas that focuses on innovation and technology, Exalto Emirates showcased several technologically advanced products such as, the CZONE monitoring & control systems, Mastervolt and ReLion Lithium Ion Batteries, Torqeedo and Motorguide electric propulsion systems, etc.

Paul added, “Technology is transforming the boating industry rapidly. To stay ahead of competitors, we are constantly exploring products that will revolutionise the boating experience of our customers. We strive to be trailblazers in the industry in this regard. This approach has prompted us to distribute tech-savvy marine products that are unique to the market.”

As a specialised distributor of marine equipment and accessories from over 115 international manufacturers, Exalto Emirates continues to be a frontrunner in the industry.

For more information, visit the Exalto Emirates Stall No: ESS-207 at DIBS 2022.

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