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CIMAC on future marine fuels – New position paper published

A new position paper on future marine fuels now has been published by the CIMAC Greenhouse Gas Strategy Group. The intention of the paper is to indicate which eFuels are most relevant for future propulsion systems from today’s point of view, and comment on policy measures to promote the uptake of these fuels. The paper looks at the different fuel options, but also expresses that a definite and predictable legal framework promoting the development and scaling of (net) zero carbon fuels is essential to secure the necessary high investments of the coming years.

CIMAC will continue to closely follow the discussions around IMO, MEPC, and GHG preventions and comment as needed. The CIMAC strategy group on Greenhouse Gas will also publish white papers soon to look into the details of different options and technologies. The topic will certainly play a major role during the CIMAC World Congress in Busan, Korea that will take place from June 13 to 17, 2022. (https://www.cimaccongress.com).