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Cyprus based GenPro reached an agreement to provide commercial and maritime procurement services to Vroon Group

George Vassiliades, Managing Director of GenPro

Cyprus-headquartered GenPro has reached an agreement to provide commercial and maritime procurement services to Vroon Group. 

GP General Procurement Company Limited (GenPro) has announced today that it has been selected by Vroon Group to serve as preferred provider for its commercial and maritime procurement.

Vroon Group, registered in the Netherlands and with its head office in Breda, is a shipping company that provides seagoing transportation services and engineering and support solutions through various subsidiaries and brand names.

The selection of GenPro is the result of an extensive benchmarking exercise in close cooperation with Vroon Group’s Procurement and Purchasing teams, involving the optimisation of framework agreements’ terms and conditions, including pricing. The choice of GenPro as preferred partner in its procurement process is based on the added value that Vroon Group will benefit from competitive pricing, defined quality, proven transparency, and a robust sustainability strategy via GenPro’s extensive industry experience. GenPro commits to support its new Member in gaining efficiency and savings in its vessels’ OPEX costs and to return any volume-related discounts, 100%, to the Clients, in a fully transparent and auditable manner.

Vroon’s Group Procurement and Purchasing Manager Remco Janssen said: “With Vroon Group going through a process of professionalising its procurement and purchasing services, joining GenPro is a logical step. Together, we will work at bringing contract and vendor management in Vroon Group to a higher level. GenPro is a state-of-art organisation, offering us a well-developed and extensive supplier portfolio. As a Member, we will have direct access to these suppliers and be able to cooperate with market leaders across the field of maritime procurement. A high level of trust, professional interaction, and the opportunity to share knowledge and experience between our companies make this a perfect fit.”

GenPro’s Managing Director Mr. George Vassiliades said: “It is with great pleasure and honour that we welcome Vroon Group to GenPro. This attests to the level of trust that GenPro builds with its Members through open and honest dialogues. With an appetite to work together, commitment to sustainability, transparency and value-adding results, our Members can benefit massively from our tailored approach. Our comprehensive list of quality suppliers, the collective expertise of our team and the competitive terms of our framework agreements will be the foundations of a great partnership with Vroon Group. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration.”

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