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GEV to develop 2.8 GW green hydrogen export project, Tiwi Islands, Australia

  • GEV to develop a green hydrogen export project located on the Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory, with a phased capacity up to 2.8 GW (the Tiwi Hydrogen Project), producing up to 100,000 tonnes per annum of green hydrogen for export into the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The Tiwi Hydrogen Project will deliver a fully integrated green hydrogen production and export supply chain, commencing with a fleet of GEV’s 430t compressed hydrogen ships.
  • Selection of the Tiwi Islands location provides a brownfield site that can reduce development time and cost, as well as access to one of the closest Australian ports (owned by AusGroup Limited’s NT Port and Marine) to the future demand markets in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The integration of GEV’s innovative compressed hydrogen shipping solution enables a phased development and construction timeframe, thereby benefiting from the continued decline of the capital and operating costs for solar generation, electrolysers and shipping.
  • The Tiwi Hydrogen Project has the support of key stakeholders, including the Tiwi Land Council, the Munupi Landowners, NT Port and Marine and the Northern Territory Government.
  • Development milestones of the Tiwi Hydrogen Project will run in parallel to GEV’s ship engineering and class approval program, with a financial investment decision targeted for 2023 for the initial phase being 0.5 GW, allowing first hydrogen export to commence in 2026, subject to all commercial and regulatory approvals and customer offtake.

Global Energy Ventures Ltd  is pleased to announce the development of a 2.8 GW / 100,000 tpa of green hydrogen export project on the Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory, Australia (the Tiwi Hydrogen Project). GEV is proposing a staged approach to construction, with an initial development phase of ~0.5 GW of installed solar generation, expanding to 2.8 GW as the regional hydrogen market grows, as well as benefitting from the ongoing cost and efficiency improvements in photovoltaics, electrolysers and shipping.

Martin Carolan, GEV Managing Director and CEO commented: “The strategic rationale for GEV to develop a landmark upstream renewable energy and green hydrogen production project is to demonstrate the simplicity and efficiency of using compression for a pipe-to-pipe green hydrogen supply chain and to provide greater certainty in the commercialisation of our shipping solution. This project can transition GEV from a midstream service provider to an innovative hydrogen company.
Our compressed shipping solution is highly modular and can therefore scale to match the advancement of electrolyser technologies and market demand for pure green hydrogen gas, and deliver a competitive cost of hydrogen as the project scales. The support of the Northern Territory Government also demonstrates the Territory’s strategy and vision to be a world-scale producer and exporter of renewable hydrogen.”
Northern Territory Government Minister for Renewables and Energy, Hon Eva Lawler commented: “I welcome GEV’s announcement that it has selected the Tiwi Islands for its renewable hydrogen project and that it is working closely with the Tiwi Land Council and the Traditional Owners of the land. With our world-class solar resources and our proximity to key export markets, the Northern Territory is an ideal place to generate renewable hydrogen to meet the future demand within our region.
We look forward to supporting GEV through our investment facilitation team to progress the project through to operation.”

GEV’s Executive Director and Chief Development Officer, Garry Triglavcanin commented: “Today’s announcement of the Tiwi Hydrogen Project is the result of over six months of research, analysis and consultation to gain the support of key stakeholders, including the Tiwi Land Council, the Munupi Landowners, Northern Territory Government, Tiwi Plantation Corporation, NT Port and Marine and a number of technology vendors. I
would like to personally thank the Tiwi Land Council and the Munupi Landowners for welcoming GEV to the Tiwi Islands and their ongoing trust and support. The project will deliver social and economic benefits to the Tiwi community in the form of employment, skills training and education on a long-term sustainable basis.

GEV has worked closely with key Tiwi stakeholders to ensure the project will have a low environmental impact on the Tiwi Islands. This has been achieved by selecting previously cleared and developed plantation land for the solar farm, existing right of way for the transmission line, as well as locating the hydrogen production facilities at an existing industrial precinct, adjacent to existing port infrastructure for export. GEV has completed a pre feasibility level analysis that has identified this location as being highly suited to our compressed hydrogen shipping solution due to its close proximity to Asia-Pacific markets.”