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DCSA releases Track & Trace Interface Standard version 2.2 with new subscription capability, enhanced security, and support for document events

DCSA released version 2.2 of its Track & Track Interface Standard for customer-facing events. The release includes the DCSA Subscription Callback API, which allows customers (shippers/consignees) to subscribe to receive automatic updates of shipment events from carriers. In addition, security has been enhanced with subscription-ID and notification-signature headers. The release also supports a better customer experience with more efficient data inquiry and handling, including support for the following document events: Cargo Survey, Customs Inspection, Verified Gross Mass, Dangerous Goods Declaration, and Out of Gauge Declaration.

The API definitions and reference implementation have also been updated. As always, API definitions can be downloaded from SwaggerHub and the new reference implementation is available on GitHub.

All accompanying documents: DCSA Industry Blueprint 3.0, Information Model 3.3, Information Model 3.3- Reading Guide, Event Structure Definitions 2.2, Event naming convention 2.2, Track & Trace Interface Standard 2.2, Track & Trace Interface Standard 2.2 – Reading Guide, DCSA API Design Principles 1.1, DCSA Subscription Callback API 1.0, and web glossary of terms, can be downloaded here.

Source: DCSA