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Telenor Maritime joins Podium’s growing connected community

The connection of new data sources to the award winning Podium platform and its advanced contextualisation capabilities delivers efficiencies in tracking, routing, safety, security, fuel consumption and emissions. Configurability and adaptability to multiple use cases means the data relevant for each user can be displayed on one platform, no matter which function. Telenor Maritime’s platform service offers flexibility and efficiency in the transmission of ship data and is backed by a global top ten mobile communications provider.

“The growth of the Podium Connected community and the service Podium delivers to them, whether they be owners, managers, operators, OEM or others depends on the ability to transmit data effectively. For this reason we are delighted to welcome Telenor Maritime and look forward to advancing the digitalisation of shipping services with them.”

says Ross Martin, StratumFive CEO

“We’re excited to partner up with StratumFive to grow our ecosystem of connected ships and to help our customers to turn raw data to business value. Together with StratumFive Telenor Maritime takes an important step in the digital transformation at sea by being able to provide an integrated end-to-end solution offered as a managed service.”
says Toni Lindén, CPO, Telenor Maritime