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Marlow Cadet programme expands to new countries

Marlow’s training programme has broadened greatly, with new intakes coming from Egypt, Peru and Panama over the last year, in addition to the already well-established system in the Philippines, Ukraine and Russia.

New Deck and Engine cadets have been recruited to enter the company’s training programme via partnerships with locally based maritime academies in each country, namely: Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport; Escuela Nacional de Marina Mercante – Peru; and Universidad Marítima Internacional De Panamá.

With this, cadets are provided the opportunity to gain vital seagoing training in tandem with their final year of study. On completion of their programme, cadets will also have the prospect to continue their careers at Marlow.

“We are pleased to establish these new partnerships and welcome a greater diversity of cadets. Our training programmes are vital for attracting new talent and setting them up on the right career path,” explained Training Director, Marlow Navigation, Joern Clodius. “At the same time, they are integral for ensuring proficiency, safety and quality at sea, as well as guiding cadets to adapt well to our company’s culture and that of our clients.”

The industry at large has been predicting for some time that there will be a serious shortage of qualified seafarers in the years ahead, especially management and operational level officers. Marlow’s training programme has been established since 1996 to better attract and foster new talent. Critical to this is providing cadets the opportunity to gain invaluable seagoing practical experience, as well as to follow through a structured career path so to be promoted in good time.

“Our training programmes are all about a long-term vision and focus on the human element. They are set up to provide a holistic, constant and reliable option for supplying our crew managed vessels with well-trained, competent and skilled marine professionals,” added Training Manager, Marlow Navigation, Captain Martin Bankov. “This is all now further enhanced and with greater possibilities as a result of these new partnerships with maritime academies.”