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Seably introduces Oltremare Training Courses into the Global Market Place

Giovanni Massimiliano Consoli, CEO of Oltremare Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Seably

Seably, the global online marketplace for bespoke maritime training, announces the introduction of Oltremare training courses.

Oltremare Training Centre is a project company by Assarmatori Shipowners Association. It provides integrated services for shipping in Italy. Oltremare was set up to contribute to the continuous and permanent professional training of maritime personnel. It also provides qualifications and specialisation courses, internships, work experiences and traineeships for young people at the early stages of their maritime careers.

The introduction of the Oltremare courses reflects the confidence in Seably by the Oltremare Training Centre. At a time when digital and eLearning are transforming training in the maritime industry, the company is delighted that the innovation underpinning the Seably marketplace allows it to continue supporting shipping in Italy with access to quality continuous career development and training.

Seably is the first maritime digital marketplace that brings together specialised content, cutting-edge technology and teaching skills from seafarers, educationalists, industry specialists, insurers, surveyors and a whole range of other related service providers. Created by seafarers for seafarers, it provides affordable access to the latest training on a high-tech medium providing real-life learning that can be carried out at any place.

Giovanni Massimiliano Consoli, CEO of Oltremare, confirmed this approach saying: “At Oltremare we design specialised maritime training courses at all levels for seafarers, onshore personnel and company training classes. By making our courses available on the innovative and virtual Seably marketplace, we are ensuring that we are continuously expanding, developing and providing new accessible material based on the maritime training needs of a shipping industry that never stands still”.

Andrea Lodolo, CEO of the Swedish-owned Seably platform said, “We are delighted to welcome the Oltremare Training Centre, the first Italian Training Centre on Seably. The presence of the Oltremare courses on our marketplace is a strong confirmation of the interest shown by the Italian shipping world.  As a premier destination for seafarers and shipping companies globally, our association with both Oltremare broadens our reach in specialised eLearning for seafarers. It also helps us maintain the range of quality specialised knowledge required by seafarers at all levels to develop and aid their career progression within the maritime industry”.

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