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Advancing Limassol Port operating environment

On 13th July, Cyprus Marine Club held its summer event at newly renovated Gazebo Mare Beach Bar.

Cyprus Marine Club had the honor to host Mr. Nawaf Abdulla CEO at DP World Limassol with his presentation entitled ” Advancing Limassol Port Operating Environment “.

Mr. N. Abdulla with his congenial, appealing way, effortlessly managed to attract the attention of every single member and guest of Cyprus Marine Club.

DP World Limassol was awarded a 25-year concession to exclusively operate the multi-purpose port and cruise terminal in Limassol Port commencing February 2017, ensuring to deliver safer, and more efficient sector-specific logistics solutions.

Furthermore, the brand new 7,000 sqm Passenger Terminal which commenced operations in the same year is currently offering cruise lines and passengers a wealth of services to accommodate all their needs accompanied by the high standards and efficiency of DP World Limassol.

Mr. Nawaf Abdulla expressed his confidence in bringing the Limassol port closer to its goals and particularly its aspiration to become the main port of choice in the Eastern Mediterranean. In his team’s effort to boost the success of the Limassol port, DP World Limassol has joined forces with local and international stakeholders aiming to attract investment and business to the port and Cyprus in general.

He further emphasized that  DP World Limassol has been continuously investing in digital technology, automation, the port’s equipment in order to speed up operations and upgrade the infrastructure of the multi-purpose terminal so that it can accommodate efficiently additional vessels, safely process passengers and support the operations of oil and gas companies.

As a competitive and forward-thinking business, DP World has always invested heavily in state-of-the-art digital equipment and is continuously introducing new innovations in terminal operations that boost resilience and automation, thereby allowing the Organization to evolve and enhance the customer services offered to their customers and partners. The newly developed operating system the DP World Limassol implemented will boost the efficiency and productivity of the Terminal, while improving customer experience. Many of the administrative duties of terminal staff will now be automated, freeing them up to focus on efficiency, quality, and customer relations.

Capt. Koch, in his welcome speech, before the presentation announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between CYMEPA and Cyprus Marine Club, stating that both parties in a friendly, exchanged membership, will make efforts to promote each other’s activities.

The President took also an opportunity to brief Members on membership numbers (now 132 Members in total) and announced two forthcoming events after the summer holidays – on 7th and 25th September respectivel

The Cyprus Marine Club embraces and encourages a plethora of maritime industry stakeholders for friendly membership.  Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Crew Managers, Service Providers & Suppliers, Agents, Terminal Operators, Legal and Financial and more, come together with a focused effort to promote and celebrate the Cyprus maritime industry and share experiences.

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