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HSD Engine chooses ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT as a partner for marine engine performance optimisation platform

Image caption left to right: Young-Gi Kim, General Manager of strategy Business team, HSD and Sang-Min Lee, Senior General Manager of strategy Business team, HSD; Young-Ki Lee, Tekomar Global Sales Manager, ABB Turbocharging and Jae-Ung Park, Country Manager, ABB Turbocharging On screen left to right: Cristian Corotto, SVP Digital Customer Solution, ABB Turbocharging and Mauro De Micheli, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships Digital Solutions, ABB Turbocharging

Korean engine manufacturer HSD Engine is to offer ABB’s diagnostics and advisory software Tekomar XPERT to shipowners operating its two-stroke and four-stroke marine engines.

Tekomar XPERT is a digital performance optimization platform applicable to any engine that can help shipping companies achieve substantial fuel savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Under the agreement, HSD Engine will offer the software as an option to shipowners, strengthening Tekomar XPERT’s position in the market.

Sang Min Lee, Senior General Manager, HSD Engine said: “In response to market demand, HSD Engine reviewed various solutions for engine performance optimization and evaluation. We expect that Tekomar XPERT will give us a competitive advantage in the market and our target is to provide it as part of our standard engine package. After a long partnership in the turbocharger field, we are pleased to extend our relationship with ABB into digital solutions to deliver even greater value for our customers.”

Cristian Corotto, Senior Vice President Digital Customer Solutions, ABB Turbocharging said: “This agreement is a strong endorsement of Tekomar XPERT’s capabilities and an important step in expanding the installed base. We are honored that HSD Engine has chosen to take this step into digital optimization with us.”

HSD Engine’s customers deploying Tekomar XPERT will benefit from significantly improved engine performance. The software’s performance evaluation and advisory is based on high quality, reliable engine operating data, transforming them into actionable insights to reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions and optimize maintenance. In addition, using the Tekomar XPERT for fleet web application, managers can benchmark and optimize engine performance even across diverse fleets with multiple engine types.

HSD Engine, previously known as Doosan Engine, has delivered low-speed and medium-speed marine engines developed by leading engine designers since 1983. It continues to deliver between 90-100 engines each year.

ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT currently has an installed base of more than 8,000 engines on more than 2,000 vessels.

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