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Ferry connection between Limassol and Piraeus

Captain Weng Lin and Angelos Karakostas, both Deputy CEOs of Piraeus Port Authority S.A., met at the company’s Headquarters with Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping, Mr. Vasilis Demetriades and the Director General at Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry, Mr Neophytos Papadopoulos to discuss about the Cyprus-Greece maritime link, more specifically, the ferry connection to link Piraeus and Limassol.

The Cyprus – Greece ferry link will be operated by a Passenger Ferry carrying passengers and vehicles between the ports of Piraeus and Limassol and will possibly include an additional intermediary stop at one of the Greek islands.

During the meeting all matters relating to the launch of the ferry link were discussed.  Captain Weng Lin, Deputy CEO of Piraeus Port Authority S.A. has stressed out the importance of the maritime passenger connection linking the two countries sharing a long tradition in the maritime industry, while he highlighted the significance of the sea link on both an economic and touristic level. He added that this is not an easy endeavor given that for over twenty years Cyprus and Greece were not able to maintain a ferry link, however all necessary actions and steps were taken towards this direction.