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KVH partners with StratumFive for KVH watch maritime IoT solution

Voyage informatics specialist StratumFive will offer KVH Watch connectivity to accelerate the transmission of data from vessel to onshore experts

KVH Industries, Inc., announced today that StratumFive, creator of Podium, an award-winning voyage informatics platform, has joined the KVH Watch® Solution Partner program and will offer the KVH Watch service to enhance data flow from ship to shore. KVH Watch’s dedicated connectivity will support StratumFive’s ability to help vessels achieve efficiencies in tracking, routing, safety, security, fuel consumption, and emissions. Voyage informatics is defined as the application of information systems to increase the efficiency, safety, and ecological sustainability of the shipping industry.

“For successful digitalization, a vessel’s onboard IoT system needs to be connected to Podium and its advanced contextualization capabilities,” says Ross Martin, chief operating officer for StratumFive. “The key to optimization is getting data onshore to the experts to deliver efficiencies in tracking, routing, safety, security, fuel consumption, and emissions. Our Podium voyage informatics platform is a universal and agnostic solution for configuring vessel timeline data. KVH Watch high-speed connectivity will enable us to provide actionable insights faster. In addition, KVH Watch’s Remote Expert Intervention gives us the ability to put a person virtually on the bridge for real-time interventions and troubleshooting.”

“The combination of KVH’s dedicated IoT connectivity and StratumFive’s Podium platform leverages innovative technology to provide the maritime industry with a complete solution for optimizing vessel performance,” says Sven Brooks, senior director of IoT business development for KVH. “We are thrilled to welcome StratumFive to our growing ecosystem of KVH Watch Solution Partners.”

Data transfer from ship to shore is essential as maritime operators seek increased operating efficiencies by adopting a range of digital processes and cost-effective voyage monitoring solutions. The actionable insights provided by data analytics platforms can inform decision making on the vessel leading to optimized equipment performance and reduced fuel consumption. Dedicated high-speed satellite connectivity enables real-time remote support and video interventions while the vessel is at sea while also adhering to the IMO’s requirement that vessels separate their information technology (IT) data flow from their operational technology (OT) data flow.

KVH Watch is an IoT Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) solution that provides data flow, secure 24/7/365 machine-to-cloud satellite connectivity for remote monitoring of onboard equipment plus the ability to perform on-demand Remote Expert Interventions using video, voice, or text via KVH’s global HTS network. KVH Watch is designed for IoT analytics experts, maritime equipment manufacturers, multicard service providers, and shipyards seeking affordable monthly subscription-based connectivity that cellular services cannot deliver at deep sea.

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