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COSCO SHIPPING Lines and WFP sign global cooperation agreement in Rome

COSCO SHIPPING Lines and World Food Programme (WFP) signed a global cooperation agreement in Rome, Italy. According to the agreement, COSCO SHIPPING Lines will provide transporation services for food and other United Nations-related aid to WFP.

Headquartered in Rome, WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency, responsible for the delivery of food, disaster relief supplies, and pandemic prevention materials to as many as 100 million people from 88 countries around the world on behalf of the United Nations. In recognition of its outstanding contributions to global humanitarian work, WFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020.

Compared withother cargo transportation, WFP has set higher service standards for the transportation of humanitarian aid in terms of container condition, delivery time, and free detention. In 2020, COSCO SHIPPING established a communication and liaison mechanism with WFP, appointing COSCO SHIPPING Lines Italy to take charge of relevant operations. COSCO SHIPPING Lines Italy, with the support of COSCO SHIPPING Europe and COSCO SHIPPING Lines, overcame the difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemicand set up a special marketing service team that has since successfully carried out transportation cooperation efforts with WFP.

The signing of this agreement proves WFP’s recognition of the service provided by COSCO SHIPPING and lays a solid foundation for the two parties to strengthen humanitarian cooperation on a global scale in the future.

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