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‘One MOL Safety Campaign’ for 2020 being held online

~ Forging Ahead to Become the World Leader in Safe Operation ~

MOL announced that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the “One MOL Safety Campaign” for 2020 is being held online from September 2020 to March 2021. It has held online conferences for MOL seafarers in six major seafarer source nations around the world, along with an online campaign targeting all MOL-operated vessels.

President & CEO and other MOL Group executives and employees are taking part in the “One MOL Safety Campaign,” holding lively exchanges of opinions with crewmembers about ways to ensure the safe operation of the MOL Group fleet.

The theme for the current campaign is “You are the KEY PERSON.” The MOL Group has been promoting ways to more effectively foster a culture of safety by encouraging seafarers to consider themselves the “key person” supporting the ocean shipping industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and using the watchwords “STOP and THINK MORE” to promote safe operation. Furthermore, all participants discussed the grounding of the Capesize bulk carrier Wakashio off Mauritius in July 2020 and the resulting oil spill, and renewed their commitment to ensure safe operation as a unified team at sea and on land, playing the “key” role in safe operation.

The MOL Group continues its efforts to become the world leader in safe operation through the safety campaign and other activities.

Online conferences
Date Target regions No. of participating seafarers
October 7 India 238
October 20 Europe 120
October 23 Russia 133
October 29 The Philippines 250
November 20 Japan 84
November 24 Indonesia 47
Online campaign
No. of campaigns held No. of target vessels Cumulative no. of participants at sea, on land
13 48 1500 (incl. 532 on-land employees)