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No access to port of Rotterdam for passengers from England

With immediate effect, ferries coming to the Netherlands from the United Kingdom are no longer allowed to carry passengers. The ferries are still permitted access to the ports of Rotterdam and IJmuiden with trucks and drivers.

The mayors of Rotterdam and IJmuiden took this decision during the evening of Sunday 20 December at the request of Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. The Dutch Cabinet has imposed this measure to further restrict travel from the United Kingdom, where a more contagious new strain of the COVID-19 virus is spreading. The ban relates to all Dutch ports served by ferry services from the United Kingdom: Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland, Vlaardingen and IJmuiden. The shipping companies have been informed of this decision. The measure is being imposed with immediate effect. This means that the ferries may no longer depart for the Netherlands with passengers on board. As far as we know, no vessels set off before the decision came into force. The measure also applies to passengers with Dutch nationality.

The measure applies in Rotterdam not only to ferries but also to other vessels: ferries and other vessels are not allowed to carry passengers from England to Rotterdam.

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