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CMA CGM announces that its five new 15,000-TEU, LNG-powered vessels will sail under the French flag

  • CMA CGM is playing its part in creating a French center of excellence in LNG for the shipping industry
  • Promotion of wider use of LNG in conjunction with the Port of Marseille-Fos, France’s leading seaport where LNG bunkering will be possible as of December 2021
  • LNG, a pioneering technology preserving air quality and accelerating the shipping industry’s energy transition

The CMA CGM Group announces today that its five new 15,000-TEU, liquefied natural gas-powered containerships will be registered on the International French Register (RIF) and will sail under the French flag.

A new class of five 15,000-TEU containerships sailing under the French flag

CMA CGM is demonstrating its leadership in the French shipping industry by plotting a course for the shift to cleaner energy. These five new containerships, which are due to be delivered progressively up until 2022, will help operate the Mediterranean Club Express (MEX) route, CMA CGM’s strategic line connecting Asia with the Middle East and southern Europe. They will be named after well-known natural locations (Patagonia, Kimberley, Everglade, Galapagos and Greenland).

CMA CGM is seeking to establish a French center of excellence in LNG for the shipping industry

The CMA CGM Group now operates eight LNG-powered containerships and will have a fleet of 26 LNG-powered containerships of various sizes by 2022. These next-generation containerships display cutting-edge industry expertise provided by BIO-UV Group, Cryostar, Bureau Veritas, BLM, GTT, Schneider Electric and Total (full list of partner businesses in the appendix). From December 2021, LNG bunkering will take place in France at the Port of Marseille-Fos where the CMA CGM Group is establishing the country’s first LNG bunkering infrastructure in partnership with Total.

Special training in partnership with ENSM for an excellence-pursuing fleet of vessels

The CMA CGM Group has set up a training program in conjunction with ENSM for the crew of LNG-powered vessels and is working with the French government to design special courses. It takes 570 days to train a complete crew, with the course for the main officers taking around a year. Training is both theoretical and practical, with three simulators being used—one for the bridge, one for engine room and one for managing the gas tank. In all, 160 French sailors have already been certified under the International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code), and another 200 are set to follow suit. CMA CGM is playing a leading role in LNG training and competency development in France as part of its fleet’s quest for excellence.

LNG, a visionary decision to preserve air quality and an energy source with a bright future

LNG is currently the state-of-the-art industry solution for preserving air quality. It delivers a 99% reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions, a 91% reduction in fine particle emissions and a 92% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, surpassing the requirements of current regulations. LNG also provides an initial response to the challenge of tackling climate change. An LNG-powered vessel emits up to 20% less CO2 than fuel-powered systems. This technology is one of the initial ways in which the CMA CGM Group plans to meet its target of being carbon-neutral by 2050.