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Yang Ming holds naming ceremony for 2,800 TEU new vessel

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (Yang Ming) held a naming ceremony for its 2,800 TEU class full container vessels ‘YM Certainty’ at CSBC’s Kaohsiung shipyard on December 15th. The ceremony was officiated jointly by Yang Ming Chairman Cheng Cheng-Mount and CSBC Corporation Chairman Cheng Wen-Lon. Mrs. Lee Pao-Lin, Vice President of Yang Ming had the honor to officially name the ship during the ceremony.

Among the series of ten 2,800 TEU full container vessels built at CSBC shipyard, YM Certainty will be the sixth one to be delivered in 2020. It has a nominal capacity of 2,940 TEU and is equipped with 353 plugs for reefer containers. With a length of 209.75 meters, a width of 32.8 meters, a draft of 11.2 meters, YM Certainty is designed to cruise at a speed up to 21 knots. The newbuilding adopts the Sea Sword Bow design to improve energy efficiency and optimize hydrodynamic performances. The application of its electronic controlled fuel injection engine with low-load tuning Exhaust Gas Bypass (EGB) fuel control system and the installation of scrubber will efficiently reduce emissions of NOx and SOx, and enable Yang Ming’s global fleet to attain both competitive advantages in ocean environmental protection and operational efficiency.

YM Certainty is also certified with ABS’ Smart INF and Smart SHM notations and CR Classification Society‘s “Smartship H, Et, I” notations. The recognition denotes that the vessels is equipped with smart information infrastructure of big data acquisition and cloud transmission, which allow ship structure endurance monitoring and future structural health awareness through ABS’s customized analysis program to ensure sailing safety. Since 2020, Yang Ming has taken delivery a total of six 2,800 TEU self-owned vessels and three 11,000 TEU chartered-in vessels, the remaining four 2,800 TEU self-owned vessels and another eleven 11,000 TEU chartered-in newbuildings will be delivered in 2021 & 2022. With these newly-built ships, Yang Ming can accelerate its vessel optimization plan, strengthen operational efficiency and cost, and consequently pave the path to achieve digital and intelligent future of fleet management.

Driven by the volume growth in long-haul trades, intra-Asia freight rates have surged recently. Among the Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is the largest export market. With the deployment of YM Certainty on the THX service, Yang Ming will be able to seize the opportunity and further enhance its intra-Asia performance. The port rotation of THX is Cat Lai – Kaohsiung – Keelung – Hong Kong – Cat Lai – Kaohsiung – Taichung.

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