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Breakbulk Middle East 2021 hopes to encourage the future generation of competent professionals

The event will unite key players from the industry, decision-makers and prominent educational institutes in the region

Breakbulk Middle East, the GCC’s leading breakbulk and project cargo event, has over the years focused on several issues concerning the industry. Supporting the younger generation of aspiring professionals has been one cause they have staunchly promoted.

Held under the patronage of The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the two-day event will inform and inspire students about the breakbulk and project cargo industry. DP World, UAE Region, the leading trade enabler, will serve as the event’s Host Port for the 6th annual edition of the event.

The second edition of Breakbulk Middle East’s Education Day will bring together prominent international and national leaders from the project cargo industry, educational entities from the region and students to raise awareness about career opportunities in the industry. It will also highlight the operations in the breakbulk industry and lend insights on business. Students looking to explore opportunities can learn from leading names through the career advice they dole out.

H.E. Eng. Hessa Al Malek, Executive Director and Executive Director of the Maritime Sector at the Federal Land Transport Authority in the United Arab Emirates said, “It is heartwarming to see an event of this stature making constant efforts to inspire a new generation of maritime professionals who can transform the industry. Breakbulk Middle East has always believed in providing a shared platform for key players in the market and young cadres. Their efforts to empower aspiring maritime professionals are noteworthy as the youth is the driving force for the prosperity of any nation and nurturing them is integral.”

Collaborations for industry growth

Breakbulk Middle East 2021 has partnered with several leading universities, including Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy, Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTS) in Sharjah.

Dr. Ahmed Youssef, Associate Dean of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Sharjah Branch said, “At AASTS, we work to enhance the education sector in the Middle East region. It is wonderful to partner with events like Breakbulk Middle East that have a great reputation for being supporters of encouraging young minds. The Academy is pleased to collaborate, and partner, with the global conference yet again. Through this collaboration, we hope to be able to reinforce the country’s vision to stay at the top, not only in the maritime sector but across all businesses.”

The sixth edition of Breakbulk Middle East will feature several enlightening sessions pertaining to the younger generation. The Empowering the Next Generation of Breakbulk Professionals session will discuss the initiatives by both government and private sectors to empower the younger lot of industry professionals.

Al Malek added, “The UAE government plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap in terms of Emirati talent in local and regional markets. This will not only contribute to the growth of the country’s economic status, but it will also reinforce its leading position as one of the key global business hubs, not only in terms of infrastructure and facilities, but also as a scientific centre for the industry’s latest research, development and innovation.”

Nurturing young talent

For a country to be able to succeed, it is essential to execute consistent and calculated action on all fronts of the industry, including the education sector. The UAE is recognized as a global business hub in the Middle East. As a leader in the region, it lays great emphasis on education. The values of Breakbulk Middle East align with the UAE’s development goals. Hence, the event holds a significant position in the industry. Through its sessions and discussions, the 2021 edition of the event will aid not only the UAE, but also the Middle East region to prepare the next generation for the challenges of the future.

Ben Blamire, Event Director, Breakbulk Middle East elaborated, “Breakbulk has witnessed tremendous success in its previous editions. With our sixth edition, we hope to achieve new heights. Our focus on the betterment of the education sector underpins the importance of establishing strong educational roots in order to build a nation with a thriving economy. We are glad that we can bridge the gap between young talents and industry leaders by offering discussions and opportunities on a range of topics and highlighting the importance of the industry. According to market studies, the UAE has one of the largest cargo and supply chain markets in the region. Therefore, it is important to groom future generations so that they can follow in the steps of their leaders and promote the growth of the industry in the years to come.”

Leslie Meredith, Marketing Director, Breakbulk Events & Media said, “The essence of successful economic growth stems from a strong education and knowledge base, which is why we ensure that our sessions encourage educational development. We have time and again taken a bold step to emphasize the importance of education by partnering with top educational institutes in the region, and this will ensure the industry will be in good hands moving forward.”

Some interesting sessions in the sixth edition include Keys to Success: Insights from Across the Supply Chain that will tackle topics like competitiveness of the maritime, project cargo and logistics sectors regionally and globally, the current challenges in pursuing a successful career, in addition to training opportunities and advice on how to kickstart a career in the breakbulk industry. Executives from across the supply chain including ocean carriers, cargo owners and logistics service providers will shed light on the skills required to have a successful career. The Student Project Showcase will give students a platform to display the projects they have worked on over the past year. Through this session, students can learn and draw inspiration from peers.

With its pioneering initiatives, Breakbulk Middle East hopes to usher in a new era of development in the industry, assisted by a generation of young talents who will work tirelessly for the benefit of the nation and the region.