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Sogestran Group invests in De Poli Tankers to jointly acquire Team Tankers’ European- based chemical tanker business

We are pleased to announce that Sogestran Group (‘Sogestran’) has agreed to acquire a majority participation in De Poli Tankers Holding B.V. (‘De Poli Tankers Group’), an integrated chemical tanker company based in Barendrecht, the Netherlands. The existing top management of De Poli Tankers Group will continue in their existing roles and lead the day to day operations.

De Poli Tankers Group owns and operates a fleet of eight chemical tankers, transporting a wide range of chemical products and providing value-added services according to the highest industry standards and regulations with flexibility and transparency.

De Poli Tankers Group has used the proceeds of this transaction to complete the acquisition of the European-based chemical tanker business from Team Tankers International Ltd. (‘TTI’). The acquisition includes seven 8,000 DWT chemical stainless-steel parcel tankers and the entire organisation of Team Tankers in Marbella, Spain. De Poli Tankers Group will also commercially manage three chemical tankers for TTI for a limited period.

De Poli Tankers Group will combine the acquired TTI business with its own fleet and will continue to service the existing contracts. All parties are convinced that the fleets, the geographical trading areas and the type of trades are highly complementary and as such, will provide valuable synergies and further improve service levels to all their existing clients.

TTI is a leading tanker company committed to providing safe, reliable and incident-free transport services to its worldwide customer base. It transports a wide variety of cargos including organic and non-organic chemicals, petroleum products, vegetable oils and lube oils.

Sogestran is organized into four main business lines:

  • –  Maritime with a fleet of c.20 vessels operating in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, West Africa, Caribbean, French Guyana, Polynesia and Pacific Ocean, which will be the parentvbusiness line of De Poli Tankers Group and the acquired Team Tankers business
  • –  Fluvial with over 160 units operating in the Rhone, Seine, Loire, Donau, Rhine rivers
  • –  Multimodal with transport of containers in France, Belgium and Netherlands by barge combined with train and truck
  • –  Services in the Port of Le Havre with storage of conditioned hazardous goods

    Gottengreen (France) acted as M&A advisor to Sogestran. JBR Corporate Finance (the Netherlands) and Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (France) acted as M&A advisors to De Poli Tankers Group. Stephens Europe Limited and Socios Financieros S.A. acted as M&A advisors to TTI

Source: Sogestran Group, De Poli Tankers Holding B.V.