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Aquametro RMS – Approved vendor for Brunei Shell Petroleum

As approved vendor for Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Aquametro Oil & Marine has so far commissioned RMS onboard over 10 vessels chartered to BSP
(OVS/ATHS/Utility Boat). These systems are installed according to the stringent requirements for EFMS (Electronic Fuel Monitor System) specified in BSP chartering contracts.

Since the introduction of EFMS into the chartering contract (middle of 2019), Aquametro Oil & Marine has been working hand in hand (together with our Malaysian Partner, Megajaya) with BSP to improve their requirement on fuel oil consumption and efficiency monitoring for their chartered
vessels. Our latest addition is Bintang Timur from FOS (Singapore).

Bintang Timur (formerly known as FOS Star) is a utility vessel that RMS is monitoring the following engines onboard

  • 4x Main Engines
  • 3x Aux Engines

Apart from individual engine fuel consumption, the system is monitoring individual engines rpm and load to capture the high fuel usage period. On top of that, loading and transfer fuel line are monitored, too. All these monitored readings and events are transferred back to shore for charterers and ship
owners. They can access all data via our web portal and mobile app to conduct data analysis as well as to better control the engine performance.

For this project, we are honored to receive a Letter of Appreciation from FOS (Singapore) for the good performance of our engineer who attended the new commissioning of this vessel. His fast and professional work enabled them to meet the tight timeline of the BSP contract.

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