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MOL Issues Integrated ‘MOL Report 2020’

MOL announced the publication of its integrated “MOL Report 2020.”

In producing the report, MOL placed value on comprehensiveness of its group’s foundation and strategies to create value for society, and achieve its own sustainable growth, covering both financial and non-financial aspects.

The report highlights the strategies to continually fulfill its essential part in the transport infrastructure, and thereturning to a growth trajectory given the circumstances brought by COVID-19, and the progress on its sustainability issues (materiality) set during the previous fiscal year. The special feature showcases the ongoing projects of environment and emission-free business, which MOL is enhancing strategically.

The English PDF version is available at the URL below:

URL: https://www.mol.co.jp/en/ir/data/annual/index.html

The print edition in English will be available in early November.

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