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Watch the video now—Every passenger counts

The new requirements for passenger vessels came into effect on the 31 May 2020. You can now watch a short video that explains some of the changes.
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If you operate a passenger vessel, you must:

  • Have a procedure in your safety management system (SMS) that provides an effective and verifiable means of passenger monitoring to ensure the master of the vessel is able to find out the number of passengers on board the vessel at any time.
  • Have an emergency procedure in your SMS for responding to a situation where a passenger is unaccounted for.
  • For certain types of operations, have a procedure for counting passengers at specified points to ensure an accurate number of passengers embarking and disembarking the vessel. This will include a count:
    • at or around the time passengers embark and disembark the vessel at the start and end of  voyage, or at an intermediate stop, and
    • before departing any point where passengers have disembarked for a water activity such as diving, snorkelling or swimming.
    • Record passenger counts in the vessels logbook.

There is a community expectation that the safety of passengers has been considered before they get on board your vessel. These changes will help ensure the safety of passengers during their voyage.

Read more about the regulatory changes to Marine order 504.

Source: AMSA

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