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MSC launches Forestry Sector Campaign

We are dedicated to help our customers

Scandinavia, Baltics and Central Europe region is a leading supplier of paper, pulp and forestry commodities to global markets. For many countries in the region, forestry products from logs to packaging materials are the most important commodities to be exported, with demand all over the world from Europe to Asia to Americas.

To coincide with the active tender and overall export season, MSC is launching its special sector-focused campaign in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Austria to emphasize how our experience in shipping forestry commodities can support our valued customers.

Over decades, our local teams in the region have developed a solid expertise in all aspects of forestry transportation, and we are proud of our credibility and deep understanding when it comes to the needs of the sector.

The campaign reminds customers that they can anticipate:

  • Flexible capacity of our modern fleet, in line market demands
  • Market leading global port coverage
  • Wide equipment availability
  • Fast and reliable transit times
  • Strong intermodal offering through road, rail and barge
  • Technology solutions that support your supply chain
  • Expert advice from our local teams
  • Sustainability engagement

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