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PONANT recognised as the most environmentally friendly cruise company

The German NGO NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland), a highly respected European environmental body, each year assesses and evaluates the environmental policies of the principal ocean-going cruise companies in the European market. Our actions in favour of sustainable and responsible tourism have enabled us to rise to first place in the ranking.

The ranking assesses overall environmental strategy based on eight environmental criteria: commitment to the Paris Agreement, climate strategy, efficiency measures, emission-reduction measures, the use of shore power connections, discontinued use of heavy fuel oil, the use of nitrogen oxide catalysts and the use of soot particle filters.

“It’s more than just a simple ranking. This recognition is highly significant for PONANT. It encourages us to continue our efforts to promote sustainable tourism and to set increasingly rigorous standards for ourselves in this respect. Discontinued use of heavy fuel oil, use of the latest technological innovations ~ LNG, biofuel, connection to electric shore power, catalytic convertors, the hybridity of our ships… — a drastic reduction in the use of disposable plastics, the introduction of environmental and societal impact studies, raising awareness among our passengers, the creation of our foundation… There are just so many decisions we’ve taken as passionate seafarers and major actors in the tourism of tomorrow,” explains Nicolas Dubreuil, polar and tropical expedition expert and director of sustainable development at PONANT.

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