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3D imaging platform in Maritime Sector by SEAHARMONY

SEAHARMONY is presenting a revolutionary 3D imaging platform in Maritime Sector for smart remote activities such as ship’s inspections, monthly cosmetic maintenance reports, pre-purchase inspections, remote inspections by RO, Charterers remote evaluation of vessel’s suitability for the business, various training activities, pe-joining remote familiarization of the crew, Emergency response Service and many more. ⠀

SEAHARMONY 3D imaging is a simple, user friendly platform do not requiring special training of operator and including 3D imaging smart camera and web-based platform allowing any user at any place of the world to access 3D view of the ship, innovatively enabling technologies and tools which brings new mind set into the traditional Maritime operations and multiplying users capabilities.

Learn more  https://buff.ly/30v4p4j  ⠀

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