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Simplified reporting form for Shipping KPI

The release of the BIMCO Shipping KPI version 4 will, in addition to visual changes contain changes to the reporting format and thereby make manual reporting easier than ever before.

As part of the package of new features in the Shipping KPI version 4, BIMCO is making alterations to the reporting form, which has been used since the initial release of Shipping KPI in 2011.

Currently, reporting is done using a Comma Separated Values file (.csv). While the reporting form has served its purpose by providing users with a simple means of reporting across their entire fleet, two major technical issues are related to the current format:

  • Decimal separator standard
  • Time and date standard

With regard to separating decimals, there are generally two standards: either using a comma or a period. For companies, this would rarely cause problems internally since computer systems would likely be using the same standards. However, the BIMCO Shipping KPI is hosted on Cyprus and uses the decimal period as standard. Any reporting using decimal comma as standard would be misinterpreted by the Shipping KPI systems with the current reporting form.

With the release of the BIMCO Shipping KPI version 4 spreadsheet, reporting will be done using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (.xlsx), which is much better suited to manage different decimal separating standards.

The new reporting format will simultaneously manage different standards for time and date. Date formats consists of days (D), months (M) and years (Y). This allows for six different compositions, where the most used are DMY, MDY and YMD. In the Shipping KPI version 4, reporting can be done irrespective of the format used.

By changing the reporting format, we are simplifying data reporting by making it easier for companies of all sizes to timely report the ships’ performance indicators and benchmark their Key Performance Indicators.

The new Excel reporting format might not be available for BIMCO Shipping KPI users’ reporting before the first quarter of 2021.

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The final newsletter prior to release will provide details on the improved user interface.

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