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Office contests launch for Thome employees Amid COVID-19

Safety is one of the key messages of the Thome Group. And true to its word, when the coronavirus began to spread out across the globe, the company deployed its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and the work-from-home scheme was adapted to protect office staff and maintain a healthy and secured workforce within the global offices.

To help the employees remain connected and proactive, the Human Resources team together with the Corporate Communications and Marketing team have produced online contests which have been greatly enjoyed and participated by all employees. The lucky winners were awarded with cash prizes.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
This contest which ran until May 11, 2020 was participated by more than 80 Thome employees around the globe. This contest aimed to show the work-life-balance of Thome employees despite being isolated and working from home or in secured facilities provided by the company.

Shortly after the first office contest came the Theme @ Teams where each department had to submit an entry showcasing their group camaraderie and creativity. Same as the first contest, the winners receive generous cash prizes.

These contests have been really appreciated by the office staff as working remotely can be a lonely experience so engaging with colleagues in this lighthearted manner was an excellent way to improve morale and lift people’s spirits.

Hit me with your best shot grand winner of US$500 is Jeslein Marquez from Marine Payroll.

Consolation Prize winners of US$300 are Capt. Abhishek Shekhar from Marine and HSSEQ Department, and Rajesh Divakaran from Marine HR Department.

Theme@Team Meetings competition grand winner of US$750 is Allyza Marie de Vera from FR-Corporate ROHQ.

Consolation Prize winners of US$300 are Avantika from Legal and Insurance Singapore and Philippines, and Carlo Vergara from Vessel IT.

Theme At Teams

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