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Navarino’s Spectrum service is available now – the most powerful suite of IT tools designed especially for the merchant marine sector

Introducing Spectrum

Navarino is proud to announce that the commercial launch of Spectrum is the 1st of July 2020. Spectrum is the new software suite fully designed and developed by Navarino engineers, reinforcing the company’s position as the leading technology partner in maritime ICT.

Service Description

Spectrum is a software suite of tools and processes designed to cater specifically to the needs of maritime IT managers. It offers a centralized platform for remote monitoring, maintenance and management of the entire IT and connectivity infrastructure onboard including network devices, satellite terminals, operating systems, applications and security measures. It offers a complete IT portfolio that helps to maximize efficiency and increase security while producing cost efficiencies and optimizing your business processes both onboard and onshore.

Apart from its remote IT Management features, Spectrum offers to IT managers various options to comply with the cyber-risk management regulations that come into effect as from 1 January 2021. It provides you with a powerful, designed-for-maritime toolset including –

  • Asset management
  • Network visualization
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Software update and patching mechanism

Easily deployed via Infinity, with no extra hardware needed and fully automated start up, Spectrum’s unique advantages can be in your hands extremely simply and quickly. In the same way as Infinity, Spectrum will be continuously updated based on ideas and feedback from its users meaning that there is no limit to the capacity and potential of our innovative new service. Compatible with any satcom solution, it controls bandwidth consumption depending on provider and combined with Infinity, Spectrum gives you an all-in-one solution in a simple, unified console.

Will you join us in building the future of maritime IT?

If Spectrum sounds like it can help you work better and smarter, or if you would like to see an online demo of what Spectrum can do, please contact us on sales@navarino.gr

We look forward to heading at full speed into the future of maritime IT with you!

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