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SmartCon update adds electronic signature solution

BIMCO has updated its contract editing tool, SmartCon, with a new feature that enables users to add electronic signatures to their finalised contracts using DocuSign™ and thereby save time and money compared to relying on couriers to obtain physical signatures on paper copies.

Over 180 countries recognise DocuSign as a legally binding method of signing contracts, making it the most widely used e-signature solution. Using SmartCon with DocuSign provides a number of advantages and there is no further cost to integrate your DocuSign account with your SmartCon account.

However, if your company does not already subscribe to DocuSign, you must create an account. We will then link your DocuSign account with SmartCon and you and your business partners can start signing your charter parties and other agreements electronically.

Once you have a DocuSign account, please contact us at smartcon@bimco.org and we will get you connected.

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