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iCALL as a FREE Service for Seafarers

Seafarers face multiple stresses in their daily lives, including long work schedules, homesickness, loneliness, fatigue and disrupted sleep. In the nature of their occupation they have very limited access to mental health services, and enduring stigma on this topic makes it harder still to approach a mental health professional.

In order to make professional counselling services accessible to its own seafarers, Synergy collaborated with iCALL and TISS, resulting in technology-assisted support worldwide. This partnership began in October 2018, and since then iCALL has addressed the issues of over 170 seafarers by telephone, email and chat via the nULTA app. Counsellors at iCALL offer counselling for issues related to career, work-life, interpersonal relationships, gender and sexuality, violence, suicide and non – suicidal self-injury.

Counselling support for seafarers is available over telephone, e-mail and chat from Monday-Saturday, 10AM-8PM. The service is free, confidential and anonymous.

Website: http://icallhelpline.org

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