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Results of the 2020 capital increase reserved for employees of the TOTAL GROUP

In accordance with its policy in favour of employee shareholding, the Board of Directors of TOTAL S.A. decided, on September 18, 2019, to carry out a capital increase reserved for eligible employees and former employees of the Group worldwide under the conditions set by the eighteenth resolution at the Shareholders’ Meeting of June 1, 2018.

On April 29, 2020, the Chairman and CEO decided to set (i) the subscription period from May 6 to May 18, 2020 (included) and (ii) the subscription price at 26.20 euros per share, corresponding to the average of the closing prices of the TOTAL share on Euronext Paris over the twenty trading sessions preceding the date of this decision, reduced by a 20% discount and rounded off to the highest tenth of a euro.

At the end of this period, 45,547 employees in 97 countries, representing 39.97% of the eligible Group employees and former employees, subscribed to this capital increase for an amount of 339.4 million euros. These results are on the rise compared to 2019, both in terms of participation rate and number of shares subscribed despite the uncertain economic environment.

« This year again and in spite of the health and economic crisis, Total’s employees have confirmed their attachment to the Group, first by supporting in a vast majority maintaining the operation of Capital increase reserved for employees, then by subscribing massively to it. As Chairman and CEO, I am extremely proud and that comforts my conviction that the Group will know how to handle the crisis it faces », declared Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total

As a consequence, 13,160,383 new shares, representing 0.51% of TOTAL S.A.’s share capital as of April 30, 2020, will be issued on June 11, 2020, will carry immediate dividend rights and will be fully assimilated with TOTAL shares already listed on Euronext Paris.

Following this issuance, the employee shareholders in TOTAL S.A.’s share capital, within the meaning of Article L. 225-102 of the French Commercial Code, will represent 5.85% of TOTAL S.A.’s share capital as of April 30, 2020.