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METIS introduces “Live Dashboards”: Online monitoring and performance evaluation for Scrubbers, BWTS, M/E and DGs easier and effective than ever before

One of the most persistent requests we receive from our customers as well as executives in shipping companies is to provide the ability of a live overview for the operational status and the performance of the critical machinery equipment onboard, in an easy and functional way.

METIS fulfills this request by introducing “Live Dashboards”, a functionality available for M/E, DGs, Boilers, Scrubbers and BWTS. providing a comprehensive overview of the operational status and the performance for the last 24 hours. All crucial information is placed intuitively in one place for easy access and ultimate convenience enabling shipping companies to be always on top of their business, act promptly and make justified decisions.

The data are obtained without any human intervention, through the LR type-approved data acquisition system developed by METIS. The platform then analyses the data on the fly and provides all required metrics and KPIs presenting them through a set of live, interactive and visually rich dashboards for each equipment separately. Moreover, customized alerts can be configured in order to provide notifications for critical events.

More specifically, METIS records all system parameters from the Scrubber’s BWT control unit and evaluates the performance according to IMO requirements ensuring regulatory compliance and enabling performance evaluation at a glance.

Regarding the M/E, and the DG’s the system provides valuable information such as: variation of operating & performance parameters versus time, comparison with reference condition (i.e. shop tests and/or sea trials) as well as ISO Correction for specific parameters (i.e. SFOC, Exhaust Gas Temperatures etc.).

METIS implements functionality driven by the needs and the requests of the people who run the maritime industry. We remain passionate about innovation and focused on our promise to empower shipping companies on their digital transformation.

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