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Odyssey the First Cypriot Company Certified by Great Place to Work® for its Outstanding Workplace Environment

Odyssey is a Great Place to Work!
We proudly announce to have become the first Cypriot company with a Great Place to Work® certification, which involved surveying every single one of our employees to determine their level of trust in the company and how they feel about their workplace environment. The positive results showed that the people of Odyssey walk in line with Odyssey’s values and vision, as well as our innovative outlook.
Great Place to Work® is the leading global research and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement and organizational alignment, providing certification and recognition to the best companies for their High-Trust and High-Performance workplace culture.
As many as 6000 companies in 59 countries representing about 10 million employees go through this assessment process every year. The world-recognized list “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work in America” uses this very same assessment methodology.
This is not just another award for us. It is a significant hallmark with regards to our vision and our mission to be a leader in our field, not just for our customers, but for our employees too, as the two are intertwined.
What does Odyssey’s Great Place to Work® certification mean for our customers?
A Great Place to Work® certification confirms our reputation as a favorable employer with excellent working conditions and a policy of investing heavily in constantly developing its people’s skills and knowledge. Our staff feel that within Odyssey they can rapidly expand their knowledge and expertise. By keeping them engaged, happy and always worthy of our trust, we make sure that the value of their satisfaction and low turnover transfer to better customer service and improved implementation results.
Furthermore, our standing as a favorable employer serves as an incentive for attracting top talent during a time of shortage of cybersecurity expertise, so our customers can rest assured that our team is comprised of only the best.
A Great Place to Work® certification encourages us to work even more towards improving our work environment. We commit to putting the results of this evaluation to good use to further improve employee satisfaction, trust and engagement, which in turn will increase the quality of our output.
Thank you for being part of our success.
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