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A Corporate Family’s 25 year journey

Reflection of our corporate journey, reminding ourselves from inception in 1995, heavy weather, storms and glorious sunshine to where we are today.

Created in a country advocating family values.  Family; a group of persons sharing goals and values. Always present not only in the good moments as well as the bad.  A fundamental social group in society.  It is the basis, the structure, the love, the companionship. Always present for you.

Our silver anniversary is a time of reflection, appreciation, thankfulness, success, sustainability, and milestone celebration.  Our Family tree knowing where we came from so we may know better where to go.  Knowing also who we came from, we better understand where we are going.  By owning our Family history, we can simply preserve it for the next generation.

We often say that it is the people who make us who we are.  Without them one does not bear to think the outcome.  So, blessed, and grateful for their sharing our journey.  Some crossed paths along the way but others remained loyal and steadfast, we lost a couple; Mr. George Ramage, a man who will always be in our hearts and fondly remembered and there are others who joined us later who are equally important and valuable to us.

Our Procurement Manager, Mrs. Ioanna Mechanicou.  A trusted and highly professional lady who shies away from the limelight and whom we rely upon greatly as we do with others alike; Marina Katsantoni and Pia Christofi.  They started from the earlier days not long after Andreas Ioannou established the company in January 1995 starting alone, a PC and fax.

The EPSCO family thanks you all for the integral role you played in our success!

As a family owned company, long hard days and sacrifices venturing into unchartered waters.

Perhaps a combination of luck, skill, grit, timing, sweat and execution, on occasion when the odds may not have been in our favour.  One could say, running a growing and diversified business could be compared to riding a bull.  No matter how much guidance, surety, planning, goal setting, sleepless nights and working your butt of, you cannot guarantee which way or how hard it’s going to buck!   Its’ bigger than you, stronger than you and can even have a mind of its own.   Over the years, good and bad we experienced growth that required everyone in the company to personally grow at an equal or sometimes greater pace.

From the beginning we targeted making a difference.  A difference through core values; serious commitment to a vital industry for survival that never sleeps, embracing opportunities and sometimes pitfalls to learn and continuously improve, challenging the status quo, to observe, listen, understand and assist and ensure our drive is tenable.

Some years later, historical victories in establishing overseas premises in Singapore and Germany as a direct result of market forecast and demand ensuring we deliver service and product excellence to our invaluable clients, family members, and safeguarding their compliance with IMO / SOLAS regulations.  We became leaders in our specific field and adopting products and services to fulfil continuous operation, safety and security in the maritime industry and honouring our commitment to those we serve.

Over two decades of continuity, dynamism, and versatility just like water and air; the two essential fluids upon which all life depends!

From Cyprus, a modern, efficient and integrated shipping cluster ranked amongst the leading in the world to Germany, a country having easy access to each of its neighbouring countries experiencing robust sea port activity thus common sense for our office being established there and a country considered to be a global player and the world’s no. 3 exporter neck and neck with China.  Then we come to Singapore boasting one of the world’s busiest trans-shipment points providing vital air and sea connections to every part of the world.

One reminisces on our first customers who expressed their trust and faith and tested the quality of our services and who today continue to contribute to our journey.  Quite often through the simplest form of marketing, word of mouth, news travelled about us and more Shipowners and Shipmanagers placed their confidence in us delivering and meeting their operational safety and security demands where these days we accommodate a multitude of globally acknowledged household named Shipowners and Shipmanagers with our diversity.

The “journey” we refer to is actually “an adventure” as one of our Group Directors, David Wilson always likes to say.

Back then with only a few ships calling easier ports and today having more than 3000 ships globally at even the most remote ports, servicing them all, often at short notice.  A flourishing network of reputable class and flag approved Principals and Partners stemming from active collaboration, transparency, mutual goals, and aspirations with long term prospective.

Safety, Lifesaving Appliances, Lifeboat Launching Appliances, Fire Fighting Equipment, Diving Services, Shipyards and Ship Repair, Spare Parts & Reconditioning, Ballast Water Management, and one cannot forget EPSCO-RA, our Maritime Cyber Security Solutions company.  An area of growth we identified a few years ago acknowledging the nuances and need to assist the emerging and ever-increasing cyber security threats to the global maritime community.

Today, we encompass a proactive culture of diversity and inclusion having adopted management methodologies that supports a mission, strategy, and practice by its Directors to safeguard succession and sustainability in an evolving industry welcoming rapid technological and digital advancement.  A Board that empowers each valuable member of the team allowing autonomous professional business practices thus incentivising and encouraging the benefits of intergenerational relationships.

The essence of partnership influences each of the products and services we provide and the type of organisation we will be in the future.    Our unique culture built around creating the right family environment for our customers, staff and partners – to flourish and innovate.  Passion and enthusiasm married with the skills and expertise to run our business successfully.  Our roots are firm and foundation solid: financially strong, reinvested profits into our developing projects and our corporate responsibility with a track record of delivering not just what is needed but more.  Investing and improving in doing what is right.

We have realised and acknowledged over 25 years our customers and our own potential in our industry by creating opportunity, facing challenges head on with a positive and creative approach and believing we are on course to make a lasting impact in building a bright future for those we serve and connect with who become a part of our family.

We know and understand the people who make up of business, our diversity and community and every decision and improvement are driven by all these individual family members and their needs.

With work pressure, deadlines and an array of commitments throughout the year, people hardly getting the time to socialise, let their hair down and get to know each other, having hoped for a community event to have been fun for everyone, the prospects of which now slim but not impossible.

For us, your safety, health, and wellbeing are more important.  We place “Humanity Before Profit” and the bonding opportunity amongst our family members offering the chance to appreciate, understand and continue our journey will come around when the time is right when confidence in our human desire for physical connectivity is clear, free and fully restored.

Affirmations from members of our important extended family make our hair stand on end with pride knowing we do it right and with integrity.

Our teams in Cyprus, Germany and Singapore, working together, working for you, staying apart to be able to come together soon to ensure the branches of our tree continue to grow in different directions but always knowing where our roots lie!

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