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Hamburg based Herberg Systems releases voyage estimation tool after a successful beta phase

Herberg Systems in Hamburg has released a new software solution that calculates the time charter equivalent (TCE) rate to achieve the best possible efficiency of a voyage, within a few seconds.

Charter.Works is primarily used in the dry cargo and general cargo segment. It features a precise TCE calculation to provide detailed information about the costs and efficiency of a voyage, supporting charterers and brokers in everyday operations.

Six well-known chartering companies, including United Heavy Lift and COE Shipping, have been testing the software since its beta release in January 2020. The tool has been developed gradually in close cooperation with the testers.

“Charter.Works makes our work routine a lot easier. It is particularly exciting to see how close Herberg Systems has developed the product with our working reality in mind. Our input was always quickly received and integrated – an impressive example of the advantages of agile software development,” said Leif Müller from United Heavy Lift.

In February Herberg Systems invited the testers to a productive exchange with the developers of the software.

“Our main goal with Charter.Works is to develop a completely new, modern tool which can be perfectly integrated into the charterer’s workflow. We are always in close contact with our customers and testers. The workshop was ideal for receiving detailed feedback and thereby tailoring the tool even better to customer requirements,” said Marek Pötzsch, product manager at Herberg Systems.

Charter.Works will be launched on May 18, 2020 and will then be available to other companies.

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