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EPSCO-RA announces RASP “Rapid Attack Simulation PenTest”

The ever increasing Cyber Attacks in all industries not only the Marine and Offshore sectors over the last couple of years are clearly more evident now that a majority of people are forced to work remotely in consequence of the disastrous effects of Covid-19. Thus, snowballing the potential risk, is a serious concern.   We have all heard or read about the recent problems experienced by a global maritime giant and we at EPSCO-RA believe you do not want to get caught off guard.

Our new product, RASP (Rapid Attack Simulation PenTest, is a powerful tool for you to utilize to mitigate threats.

As we remain under quarantine or lockdown, fraudulent activity within communities are greatly increased way of malicious campaigns, business emails, malware, ransomware, domains, financially motivated surveillance etc.

Cyber Security measures must be properly addressed as businesses genuinely struggle in coming to terms with the complexities of unprotected data and low-level practices in place rendering them even more vulnerable.

A simple inadvertent click can cause copious destruction from common place sources like mobile, IoT devices whereby security breaches are not only increasing in frequency but in severity divulging sensitive information leaving individuals and companies liable for compliance violations, not to mention reputation damage.

As far as Cyber Security is concerned, all industries may not very well be the same or the threat equal in terms of stored information but at the end of the day, nobody is safe irrespective of risk level. What is evident, is those industries considered as “low-level risk” are also being targeted as it is understood they have few security measures in place. Where once we thought hackers targeted the bigger firms, times have changed, strikes are non-discriminative.

Cutting or limited budget expenditure for CyberSecurity can come back to bite you knowing that the costs associated to such “unseen” crimes can cause your business to become incapacitated. We advocate that the decision-makers appreciate the real return on CyberSecurity investment. Today is not the time for being frugal because tomorrow you could have the wind knocked out of your sails.

RASP runs quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively determining your true security posture.

For more information on Product:  www.epsco-ra.com
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