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Commercial SATCOM – delivering new capabilities for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

In an article for Aerospace and Defense Review, Inmarsat Government’s Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch discusses how the century-old Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology is advancing due to innovations within satellite communications (SATCOM) and how industry is delivering advancements in the form of improved capabilities and business models – such as SATCOM as a Service, with always-on access to reliable SATCOM, anytime and anywhere.

Rebecca adds that with such developments steering industry and government toward the path of a productive partnership, there is a great opportunity to work together to complement existing and future military SATCOM (MILSATCOM) in support of these highly agile airborne operations with global coverage, high-throughput, small-footprint antennas and anywhere/anytime connectivity, along with SATCOM diversity, reliability and security.

“In order for the integrated architecture to enable ideal interoperability, diversity and flexibility — with both the contiguous commercial and military frequencies — industry-delivered SATCOM must, and will, play a critical role,” she wrote.

Read the full article here: www.aerospacedefensereview.com

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