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COVID-19 EPSCO Port Operation Service Status

We hope our communication finds you, your shore teams, crew onboard and families safe and well!

As you will already be aware, EPSCO Cyprus, Germany and Singapore offices are working under normal business best practice conditions without disruption despite these global unprecedented and challenging times.

As a Group we implemented, quite early on, our own restrictive and preventive measures to ensure and safeguard the health of our teams where we gladly took the initiative to supply each of them and their families with products for their personal use.  We have also implemented several other initiatives in support of our teams and adopted the motto “Humanity before Profit”.

To further support you, your crew and your good vessels safety, operation and security demands, we are delighted to share with you our in-house map identifying major ports in which we provide services to you(click on highlighted link).   Please do share this link with your colleagues.

EPSCO Global Port Operation Status

The data contained in our map is regularly updated incorporating changes that may affect service delivery at any particular port as it becomes known.

We hope you find this feature as a benefit for the smooth commercial flow of sea trade of your vessels while we continue to receive your enquiries.

If you have any questions or there is a port we have not considered, please do send us a request.

In closing, we sincerely wish you all remain safe and well during this unparalleled voyage.

Best regards

The Management

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