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Construction of innovative training vessel STC Group begins

Concordia Damen is going to build the AB INITIO. The shipyard has made a design that is both distinctive and recognisable, and also fulfils the explicit wish of the STC Group – the educational and knowledge institution for the shipping, transport and port industry – to develop a sustainable and future-proof vessel.

Jan Kweekel, member of the STC Group Executive Board: ‘We are honoured that the renowned Concordia Damen shipyard is enthusiastic about taking on this challenging project with us. From now on we will work together on building a future-proof and state-of-the-art training vessel. The project is a fine example of cooperation between education and the maritime sector. The AB INITIO will be the business card of the school and the maritime cluster.’

The Concordia Damen team is looking forward to building the AB INITIO. Tim van Berchum of Concordia Damen on the subject: ‘It promises to be a unique and multifunctional training vessel, which we will also equip with the latest techniques available in the maritime sector. We welcome the partnership with the STC Group and thank those involved for their confidence in us. Here’s to a wonderful collaboration and the training vessel of the future!’

The coming months will be used to work out the details of the design in the form of specifications in which everything is clearly laid down. The AB INITIO is expected to be operational in 2022. The vessel will play an important role in the training of preparatory secondary vocational pupils and of vocational education and training and higher professional education students who are following a maritime course at the STC Group.

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