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MCTC sees a glimmer of hope

MCTC, the leading international catering and training provider, plays an integral part in the operation of any vessel and arguably the most important role in the life of a seafarer.

With shops in countries around the world experiencing shortages in foods and essential items because of the Coronavirus pandemic, this has been an anxious time for all. This is particularly true for seafarers, working far from home and worried about their families. However, according to Christian Ioannou, Managing Director of MCTC, it has been a time of many restrictions and logistics issues but companies like his have been able to overcome these if they have strong connections with a global network of suppliers.

He said: “We have been able to assist our clients in stocking up their vessels to a higher level than normal. This means that the cooks on board can continue to plan nutritious meals safe in the knowledge that they have enough provisions if they are at sea for longer than expected. We have also been giving additional support to cooks to help them manage their provisions as efficiently as possible.

As to the future, Mr Ioannou can see a glimmer of hope: “A lot of ports in China are operational once again, showing that the current challenges will eventually pass and life will be able to return to normal.”

Source: MCTC

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