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CMA CGM launches CMA CGM+: a complete package of high value-added services to meet the needs of its customers

  • Customer Centricity: CMA CGM is breaking new ground by offering its customers a range of solutions structured around two product categories, CARE and BOOST
  • CMA CGM+ consists of 16 products and services designed to protect the cargo and expand the business of the Group’s customers
  • CMA CGM becomes the first ocean carrier to offer its customers a portfolio of solutions that pools the complete range of its high value-added services

CMA CGM+: services tailored to specific needs

In line with its Customer Centricity strategy, CMA CGM launches CMA CGM+, a range of solutions that complement its traditional maritime transport and logistics services. Equipped with this comprehensive range of products and services, the Group aims to provide customised solutions to meet all customer expectations: whether it be to protect their cargo or grow their business, CMA CGM+ is specifically designed to address their needs.

CMA CGM+ includes two categories of products and services: CARE and BOOST

Within this range of CMA CGM+ solutions, CMA CGM has assembled two main types of products and services that meet the service quality and growth objectives of the Group’s customers, CARE and BOOST.

CARE, products designed to protect our customers’ business:

  • Guarantee: SERENITY cargo value guarantee, SERENITY container guarantee, COLD TREATMENT guarante
  • Security: BARLOCK security device
  • Cargo: CLIMACTIVE controlled atmosphere, REEFLEX liquid-ready, PHARMA reefer division, AQUAVIVA seafood solution, CONTAINER humidity control, CONTAINER garment-ready, CONTAINER grade selection

BOOST, products designed to expand our customers’ business:

  • Trade: SHIPFIN trade finance and NETWORKING intermediation services
  • Visibility: TRAXENS smart container
  • Documentation: BILL OF LADING paperless
  • Logistics: end-to-end services

SERENITY container guarantee joins CMA CGM+

For the launch of CMA CGM+, CMA CGM is also introducing a new service to cover container damage: SERENITY container guarantee . This service limits container repair costs when unforeseen damages occur.

The full range of CMA CGM+ solutions is available online: cma-cgm.com/cma-cgm

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