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COSCO SHIPPING Global Partners Support China to Fight against NCP

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) in China, many partners and suppliers of COSCO SHIPPING showed their love and concern to the Chinese people via COSCO SHIPPING Charity Foundation in support of the efforts that China is making to fight against the epidemic. So far, the Foundation has received donations for disease prevention and control from local partners and suppliers of the corporation’s overseas branches in Italy, Belgium, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain and Romania. The donations include:

€30,000 from Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) of Greece;

€8,000 from Antwerp Port Authority of Belgium;

€5,000 from Port of Zeebrugge of Belgium;

€100,000 from FRATELLI COSULICH SPA, a partner of COSCO SHIPPING in Italy;

€25,000 from VASCO SHIPPING Services S.L., a partner of COSCO SHIPPING in Spain;

€50,000 from Mr. Angelos Karakostas, President of PENAVICON, a partner of COSCO SHIPPING in Greece;

$10,000 from CRELIGH, a partner of COSCO SHIPPING in Ukraine;

$20,000 from Mr. Cemil Gandur, a partner of COSCO SHIPPING in Turkey, as well as from Lotus Shipping Agency controlled by Mr. Gandur in Lebanon;

$10,000 from GNS Georgia Ltd (a sub-agent of COSCO SHIPPING Lines Romania)..

Meanwhile, many other partners of COSCO SHIPPING also offered their support.

Sea Bridge of Ireland (a sub-agent of COSCO SHIPPING Lines U.K.), and Dragon Marine of Serbia (a sub-agent of COSCO SHIPPING Lines Greece) donated 7,610 FFP2/FFP3 face masks and 18,000 masks to COSCO SHIPPING Lines, respectively;

Starbulk S.A., a partner of COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry in Greece, learned about the epidemic situation and shipyard conditions in China via email and phone for many times, and made every effort to find a way to purchase the relief materials. On the first day of work resumption, it sent the donated masks to the operating center of COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry;

Mr. Tadahiko Konoike, President and CEO of Konoike Transport Co., Ltd., a partner of COSCO SHIPPING Logistics in Japan, expressed his deep concern and good wishes to China, saying that it is necessary for all sides to hold together to address the challenges and tide over the difficulties. The surgical masks donated by Mr. Konoike arrived at COSCO SHIPPING Logistics in Qingdao recently.

Dain Ferry, a joint venture invested by COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian in South Korea, dispatched its employees to purchase face masks from local pharmacies and recently donated 1,000 masks to COSCO SHIPPING Investment Dalian…

During this special period of time, COSCO SHIPPING’s global partners have provided help in one way or another to support the effort made by China to fight against the disease. They said that they will always be with the Chinese people, and are confident that under the leadership of the Chinese government, China will ultimately win this battle against NCP.

Ms. Annick De Ridder, Vice Mayor of Antwerp and President of Antwerp Port Authority, noted that Antwerp has maintained close relations with China. It not only keeps frequent exchanges with such an important business partner as COSCO SHIPPING, but has also established close ties with the Chinese community in Antwerp. “We are so sorry for the outbreak of NCP in China, but we will always be with the Chinese people and we also want to give a hand,” said Ms. Annick De Ridder. She also pointed out that the Chinese government has taken a series of strong measures of prevention and control that have effectively contained the spread of the disease. “At this time, we choose to stand together with China and strengthen our cooperation with the Chinese companies to jointly fight against the virus,” she said.

Mr. Augusto Cosulich, Vice President of Fratelli Cosulich in Italy, expressed his confidence that China will conquer the disease and maintain its economic development. He said that Italy and China enjoy long-standing and well-established friendly relations. Fratelli Cosulich will stand with the Chinese people to fight against the epidemic together. The Chinese government has adopted many active and effective measures that can help the country overcome the difficulties and win the battle against the disease. He also looked forward to further deepened cooperation with COSCO SHIPPING in the shipping industry.

The love of our overseas partners will become the warmest power that fuels our endeavors to get over the current difficulties. With their support and understanding, COSCO SHIPPING will continue to do its best to keep its business operations stable and make active contributions to win the battle against NCP and share a win-win future with its global partners.

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