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Ultragas takes delivery of four Langh Tech scrubbers

Danish shipping company Ultragas ApS has confirmed delivery of Langh Tech scrubbers to four of its semi-refrigerated gas tankers.

The cooperation between Langh Tech and Ultragas started in summer 2018 and the deal includes the components for the scrubber system, commissioning, crew training and classification for four identical sister gas tanker vessels.

The Langh Tech scope of delivery in this project is an open-loop side inlet-type scrubber tower with multi-inlet connections for flue gas sources from the main engine and from the three auxiliary engines with bypass possibility on all. The scrubber is designed for max. 7000 kW engine power with scrubbing capacity for approximately. 55,000 kg/h flue gas.

Langh Tech’s scrubber system can be open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid. The scrubber tower design can be either inline or side-inlet type (U-type) and with either single or multiple inlets. The Langh Tech scrubbers can be designed for dry running or with a bypass. Integrated feed of caustic soda or magnesium hydroxide can be used as a chemical in the closed loop system as well as in the open loop system when sailing in low alkalinity water or to reach the US EPA VGP compliance.

“All Langh Tech open loop systems are designed as ‘hybrid ready’ with easy upgrade to full hybrid scrubber system, which makes the systems a safe choice with regards to possible stricter discharge limits in the future”, said Langh Tech’s sales manager Eero Pajunen.

The installations of the first two vessels MV ATLANTIC GAS (pictured) and MV ADRIATIC GAS were completed in the fourth quarter of 2019 and the two later vessels will dock during the first quarter of 2020.

“The installations of the systems were done successfully and on schedule. Each of the scrubber sets were commissioned and approved by class right after the vessels sailed from the yard. We are very pleased with the cooperation between the Owner, the Owner’s site team, the Fayard shipyard and our own team, that has been responsible for this project”, said Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, commercial director of Langh Tech.

“We have appreciated much the cooperation with Langh Tech as well as their product. Timely delivery of a fine quality product and high performing equipment as well as 24/7 design-, installation- and operational support has been at a very high level”, stated Carsten Manniche, general manager & project manager, Ultragas ApS.

Source: VPO Global

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