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OneOcean to supply all Thome Group’s digitalisation needs in a single package

OneOcean – the maritime industry’s largest digital solutions provider – has been selected to supply Thome Group, the Singapore-based ship management service provider, with its integrated OneOcean platform. This will bring together all navigational, regulatory and environmental requirements on the single OneOcean platform, using PassageManager, Regs4Ships and EnviroManager, to help Thome Group meet the highest standards of operation while ensuring cost savings for its clients.

The multi-award-winning Thome Group provides services to the international shipping and offshore industries and the company prides itself on a culture of continuous improvement to help clients remain competitive in the global maritime landscape. OneOcean will enable Thome Group to achieve its goal of ensuring the hundreds of vessels it manages are operated to the highest standards and ready to go, anytime, anywhere, working to the highest performance levels at competitive rates.

As well as aiding navigation, OneOcean will provide Thome Group with a visual reference for all MARPOL mandates, and ensure compliance with the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap, which comes into force next month. It will also highlight the latest publications and regulatory updates for international flag-state-specific regulations, to ensure crews are kept fully informed and compliant at all times.

“Shipping is one of the most regulated industries in the world, so deploying EnviroManager and Regs4Ships will be of invaluable assistance to us, enabling the easy and efficient administration of MARPOL and associated regulations,” said Capt. Atul Vatsa, Thome Group’s Vice President and Head of Compliance (Environmental, Marine & Safety).

He continued: “As we manage fleets on a global basis, we are under constant scrutiny to audit our compliance to a dizzying variety of environmental laws all over the world. We value OneOcean’s help in ensuring that total compliance is achieved right across our fleets, in addition to making a significant contribution towards the successful digitalization of our vessels.”

OneOcean’s Chief Executive Officer, Martin Taylor, added: “We are glad to be providing such an outstanding shipping management service provider as Thome Group with our OneOcean platform. Having everything together on one platform is critical to successful ship management in this digital age and even more organisations are starting to adopt our single solution in order to meet the ever-growing compliance and e-navigation challenges they are facing.”

OneOcean services almost 20,000 vessels, and growing. Its applications enable crews to effortlessly stay abreast of regional, national and international environmental regulations, all from one convenient and comprehensive source. OneOcean is committed to helping crews and management companies to fulfil their compliance and navigational mandates simply and effectively.

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