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Vships: SeaTec’s launches operations centre providing 24/7 service

SeaTec has launched a new operations hub providing service to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Aimed at improving the customer experience, the centre will support SeaTec globally by drawing on the expertise of our subject matter experts located at our sites internationally.  The new centre will also see all enquiries directed to a single email address and phone number, meaning customers will have one point of contact going forward. This new streamlined process means that SeaTec can respond faster to enquiries, allowing the organisation to quickly reach a solution that benefits customers, their vessel and their business.

Tino Rizzo, Director of Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance at SeaTec, said of the new centre: “Our new 24/7 centre is a huge step forward for SeaTec as a business. To my knowledge no-one in the market has a similar set-up with the range, extent and footprint of services that we provide, which is recognised by many of our clients.

“We’ve achieved this thanks to the enthusiasm, energy and commitment of a united SeaTec team. I personally feel proud of what we are doing and how we are shaping SeaTec to become a sustainable and scalable business.”

Sourcel: V.Ships / SeaTec

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