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Costa launches cruises to Turkey and the Greek islands, departing from Athens

Costa Fortuna will offer a new one-week itinerary from Athens, with a “flight+cruise” formula, allowing guests to enjoy Istanbul, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, and Santorini in one vacation. Also in the eastern Mediterranean, Costa Fascinosa will depart from Taranto and Catania for cruises to Malta and the Greek islands. Other news in summer 2024 will concern Northern Europe, with the best of Costa’s programs aboard Costa Diadema and Costa Favolosa.

Costa unveils some important innovations in its 2024 cruise schedule, designed to experience unique and unforgettable vacations in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

For the summer of 2024, the Italian company is launching a never-before-proposed itinerary with calls exclusively in Greece and Turkey. From June 7 to September 13, Costa Fortuna will depart every Friday from Athens, exploring Istanbul and the beautiful Greek islands of Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, and Santorini. On some departures the itinerary will include a second call in Turkey, in Bodrum, replacing Rhodes. The proposed formula is the “flight+cruise” package, available from all major European countries. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy in one vacation the best of these magnificent destinations in complete relax, with four or five calls of at least ten hours, visiting cities rich in history, splendid archaeological sites, nature reserves, and crystal clear sea.

During spring and fall 2024, Costa Fortuna will offer mini-vacations of three to five days in the Western Mediterranean, and many different two-week itineraries: to Morocco and Lisbon, with two-day calls in Lisbon and Casablanca; to Israel, Egypt, and Tunisia, with two- day calls in Haifa to also visit Jerusalem; to Turkey, Greece, and Tunisia, with two-day calls in Istanbul; and lastly between the Greek islands and Ibiza.

Also scheduled for summer 2024, Costa Fascinosa, initially planned for Northern Europe, will instead offer the one-week cruise program to Malta and the Greek islands, with calls in Catania, Taranto, Santorini, Mykonos, and La Valletta, which will be preceded by a two- week cruise to the Canary Islands and a mini-vacation in the Mediterranean.

Two ships, Costa Favolosa and Costa Diadema, will operate in Northern Europe in the summer of 2024, proposing the best of Costa’s programs in this region, with cruises to discover incredible landscapes, including spectacular fjords, villages nestled between green mountains and blue sea, and the unique phenomenon of the midnight sun.

Costa Favolosa will offer three different itineraries, from 13 to 22 days, departing from Hamburg, bound for North Cape and the Lofoten Islands, Iceland, Greenland, plus a new 8-day itinerary dedicated to Scotland. Costa Diadema will offer week-long cruises to the Norwegian fjords.

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