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“Cyprus a location for shipping companies and financing”- presentation of Dr.  Niels Hartmann at the Cyprus Marine Club members’ event

On 26th April 2023, the Cyprus Marine Club held an event with a presentation from Dr.  Niels Hartmann under the title:- “ Cyprus as a  location for shipping companies and financing”.

Dr. Niels Hartmann is the Chief Executive Officer and board member of the Hartmann Group and founding member of Pelagic Partners. The Hartmann Group is a German independent, family-owned shipping company, managing and operating a fleet of around 150 ships between owned and third-party tonnage.

Dr. Hartmann is a PhD graduate from the University of Kiel (2005) with an emphasis on national location factors for ship-owning companies. As Group CEO he is responsible for the strategic development of the Hartmann Group’s business and fleet and for organisational matters.

Dr. Niels Hartmann is also a member of the board of the German Shipowners’ Defence Association.

The presentation of Dr. Hartmann attracted over 100 participants and focussed on the pros and cons of setting up a shipping company in Cyprus, the challenges and opportunities of decarbonization, and Cyprus as a Technology and financial hub. Dr. Hartmann introduced to the audience Pelagic Partners and talked about the regulated shipping funds as an alternative vehicle for the financing of vessels, presenting the advantages of fund-owned vessels vs pure 3rd party management.

After the presentation a few burning questions were raised by the audience, and a heated, passionate discussion followed.

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