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N-Sea successfully completed a pre-emptive repair to GWYNT Y MÔR OFTO subsea export cable 3 (SSEC3)

N-Sea Group have successfully completed a pre-emptive repair to SSEC3. SSEC3 is one of four 132,000 volt export circuits owned and operated by the Gwynt y Môr OFTO, providing the export connection between the Gwynt y Môr Wind Farm and the onshore UK transmission system. The pre-emptive repair was the second stage of a repair to SSEC3 that saw circa 7.5km of submarine cable replaced.

Gwynt y Môr is a 576-Megawatt offshore wind farm located off the coast of North Wales. The wind farm has 160 wind turbines of 150 metres tip height above mean sea level.

The repair was executed with the Neptune NP459, a versatile, multi-purpose pontoon of 82.5 metres in length, a beam of 27 metres and a depth of six metres.

N-Sea is making a clear contribution to a better world, by ensuring the integrity of subsea infrastructure through inspection, repair and maintenance activities. Utilizing state of the art equipment, unique and skilled resources, ensuring a smooth energy transition.

“We are very proud that we achieved this great milestone. We would like to thank our Client and the entire team involved in this great team effort to complete the project in a prudent, efficient and safe way.,” said Rick van Bruggen (Commercial Director Subsea Cables).

The Gwynt-y-Môr OFTO stated: We are pleased that this second stage of the repair to SSEC3 has been completed and the circuit returned to full availability.

The next project with the NP459, an umbilical repair in the Dutch sector has already commenced on the 20th of August.

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