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PGS secures large MultiClient campaign in Norwegian Sea

PGS has secured industry pre-funding for a large MultiClient survey in the Norwegian Sea. The survey will be acquired by a Ramform Titan-class vessel over two seasons with mobilization for the first season in Q2 2023. The survey will be completed during summer 2024.

“We acquired the first phase of NWS GeoStreamer X this summer and have now secured pre-funding for a larger second phase. The survey covers approximately 12,500 square kilometers of new GeoStreamer data in a second azimuth over existing GeoStreamer MultiClient data in the region, yielding a dual azimuth product, or what we call GeoStreamer X. The combination of multisensor broadband fidelity and dual azimuth illumination provides clients with higher quality data for their renewed exploration interest on the Norwegian continental shelf,” says President & CEO in PGS, Rune Olav Pedersen.

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