Home Digitalisation Arribatec announced agreement to divest marine’s non-core software Performance solution to Oceanly

Arribatec announced agreement to divest marine’s non-core software Performance solution to Oceanly

Agostino Fiorentino, CEO of Arribatec Marine

Arribatec Group announced an agreement to divest Arribatec Marine’s non-core software solution, Performance, to Oceanly S.r.l. a company 100% controlled by ESA Group, a Genoa-based ship management company.

“We are divesting Arribatec Marine’s Performance activities to entirely focus their resources and market activities on Marine’s leading Infoship software, which supports the digitalization transition of the technical operations management in the Maritime industry.

This transaction marks the completion of the restructuring process of Arribatec Marine, and the company today has a solid platform to leverage on the growing demand for digital fleet management, “ says Geir Johansen, CEO of Arribatec. Arribatec Marine, a 100% controlled entity of Arribatec Group ASA, today completed the sale of the IP rights for the software package, Performance, a dedicated solution for vessel performance monitoring and voyage management. The transaction also includes the transfer of existing customer contracts and a team of eleven employees to ESA Group.

The transaction has a gross value of EUR 0,9 million. “The divestment meets Arribatec Marine’s intention of restructuring our organization around our native core business: the development of the asset management operating software Infoship, which comprises tailored solutions for the maintenance, procurement, safety, and quality compliance of all the assets onboard any kind of vessel. The divestment of Performance concludes Arribatec Marine’s transformation, allowing us to invest in profitable growth in our most attractive segments, cargo and cruise,” Agostino Fiorentino, CEO of Arribatec Marine, concludes.

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